Sell Commercial Real Estate on Craigslist


For many home owners and business owners, using Craigslist is an easy solution for selling their property, developments or land.

In most communities, Craigslist offers the free posting of an ad that can be updated weekly as required, until the property sells.

  • The steps to sell commercial real estate on craigslist are easy. Simply go online, choose your community, and select the link that is labeled “housing.” The next step requires choosing the button or link that says “I am offering housing”, followed by the link stated “Commercial Real Estate for Sale.” There are other additional categories available that might fit what exactly you are selling, including parking and storage, or commercial and office properties.

  • All of the required fields will be labeled in green. This will include the title of your post, along with a brief description, and your email address. It is important to include any relevant associated fees involved in your commercial real estate sale.

  • The easiest way to ensure that you will get a good response from interested parties is to post a current photo, or series of photos showing the property. You can do this by clicking on the “Add/Edit” button that allows you to up load an image.

  • The description that you place in the ad needs to be accurate and colorful. The words on the page along with the pictures will be what will entice any potential buyer. Be sure to list all of the amenities directly associated with the property. In addition, make sure you list the square footage, the size of the yard, any upgrades, if it has a swimming pool, or swimming pool accessibility, landscaping, and any other unique feature including parking accessibility.

  • In fact any amount of detail that you can include in the ad, will help you gain success. Attempt at all cost to avoid any negative characteristics that might include living on of busy street, or stating that the view is extremely limited. Anything that bothers you with the property might not bother any potential purchaser. Because of that, there is no reason to dwell on it, or focus on it as a way to emphasize the negative aspects.

  • The only way to ensure that will have good success is to always be available to show the property to serious buyers. Offer a variety of ways that they can contact you including by phone, email, or any other avenue. Take the time necessary to walk through the property, and show them all of the positive aspects of why they need to live there.

  • One of the easiest solutions for obtaining a long list of potential buyers is to listen to their needs, and attempt to figure out how your property fulfills that need. This can only be accomplished by spending a long amount of time listening to their problems, and helping them find solutions.


Marketing online is very easy and is a must when selling a commercial real estate


Upload Pictures of Commercial Real Estate on Craigslist

Make sure your house looks presentable and then take pictures of the outside and inside of your commercial real estate to post online. Allow people to view a virtual tour of your commercial real estate. You may also want to take a video of the property to catch the interest of people. Once you are finished taking pictures and videos upload them to Craigslist and Facebook. Post a Craigslist ad and inform people on Facebook your commercial real estate is for sale. Do not put any sensitive information about such as your commercial real estate address or personal contact information on Craigslist. Let people contact you through email to discuss matters concerning the purchase of your commercial real estate

A lot of people purchase homes online in today's world, so give yourself more of a chance to sell your commercial real estate by putting it on the Internet.

By having a positive outlook, you will likely be able to sell your property using craigslist. To be able to sell the property without using a commercial real estate agent, allows you to save at least 6% in the commissions you given agent to find a buyer.

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