Benefits of Staging Commercial Real Estate


Here are some tips on how to stage commercial real estate to catch the interest of potential buyers.

T o increase the chance of actually selling commercial real estate you need to think about different ways you can make commercial real estate look appealing. Staging commercial real estate is one of the most overlooked ways you can interest buyers to make an offer. When you present a property you want it to look like the type of commercial real estate a family or couple would want to move into.

Before you decide to add furniture and items to stage commercial real estate clean it out first. Repaint any rooms that have faded paint and redo floors that have been chipped. Take a tour of the interior of your commercial real estate and fix anything that is not working properly or that does not look presentable. commercial real estate buyers thoroughly look through commercial real estate to determine whether or not it is a place they want to live. Remember, this could be a place they are going to commit a lot of years to live in so they want the commercial real estate that is in the best shape possible. Closely inspect your commercial real estate and change anything you feel doesn't look presentable.

If you have already moved out of the commercial real estate then you are going to want to fill it with furniture. Either place some of your old furniture back in the commercial real estate or borrow some from neighbors and friends. You can add a combination of the two and mix furniture together. Just as long as you make the commercial real estate look like it's being live in it will help increase your chances of selling. This is called staging commercial real estate to look presentable during an open commercial real estate. When you do not have access to furniture consider calling a local furniture store. Work out a deal where you can present their furniture in commercial real estate you are trying to sell. You can let them know this is free advertising and that you can hand out business cards or flyers to people that are interested in the furniture.

Staging Commercial Real Estate for Both Inside and Outside

The inside and outside of commercial real estate must both be staged. Clean up the landscape of commercial real estate to make it look appealing to buyers. Take advantage of any patios or decks. Add a grill and lounge area if possible to give people an idea of what it would be like to experience the backyard during those warm summer days and nights. A lot of buyers look to have commercial real estate that has promising backyard.

Staging commercial real estate is part of the selling process. Empty rooms make commercial real estate look dead. Do what will help improve your chances at selling commercial real estate and give people an idea of what the commercial real estate would look like with furniture. The biggest mistake people make is neglecting to take the time to think about what will appeal to buyers. Do not forget to take pictures of the commercial real estate when it is staged so that you can upload them online and on the MLS to attract buyers.

How to stage your commercial real estate effectively to get top dollar

The following tips will give you some ideas on how you can stage your commercial real estate effectively.

First, consider what staging really means. In order to stage your commercial real estate, you do not have to hire a professional staging agent or spend thousands of dollars renting high end furniture. Many of the furniture pieces you currently own can be used to professionally stage your commercial real estate. Oftentimes, furniture can be arranged in a way that improves the flow of a room and makes it feel less cluttered. Some pieces might also need to be removed in order to make a room look larger, yet still lived in. Remember that your goal is to appeal to potential buyers, so stage your commercial real estate in a way that makes it feel welcome and inviting, but not too personalized.

When it comes to removing personalized aspects from your commercial real estate, it is important to take down family photographs and personalized family heirlooms. While your graduation diplomas, the belly cast from your first pregnancy and your grandmother's cherished wedding flowers might make your commercial real estate into a welcome place for you, they are too personalized for anyone else, and removing them will help to allow others to feel like your commercial real estate is already theirs.

In addition to removing photographs and heirlooms, make sure your counter tops are not overly cluttered. When someone walks into your kitchen, they should essentially see a set of knives and a coffee pot on your counters. The extra dishes, pot holders, three vases of flowers and large counter top appliances should all be put away. If you cannot find a place to put these things away, pack them away for safe keeping until your move. The same is true for your bathrooms and other spaces in your commercial real estate. Remember that clean and clutter free is the goal of staging, so do your best to allow your commercial real estate to give off that appearance.

Commercial Real Estate Curb Appeal

Curb appeal of your commercial real estate is the the another thing that you should think about. When an agent drives up to your commercial real estate with a potential buyer, your commercial real estate and its surrounding landscaping make an immediate impression upon them. You want this first impression to be a very positive one.

Look at your landscaping. Your lawn should be manicured with no brown patches. Trim back trees and shrubs that have overgrown. If you feel like your front yard lacks color, you can get various small flowering plants that you can plant in empty spots. Keep the path to your front door clear of yard debris.

As for your front door area, give it a good sweep. Brush away any spider webs around the windows and door way. Wipe down your front door. If it is made from natural wood, you should clean it with a wood polish. Your door fixtures should not be tarnished. Shine those up if possible. If the fixtures are badly rusted, you may want to replace them. Make your front entrance as inviting as possible. If there is room on the porch, add in a large potted plan or an attractive bench for sitting.

You should remove all clutter from the interior of your commercial real estate. Each room should only have your basic pieces of furniture, accessories and some wall art. You should not have any personal items strewn about in the living room. Open up all the shades to let in as much natural light as possible.

Buyers are attracted to simplicity because they want to be able to envision their own decor in the space. If you have a lot of person items that you don't use too often, this is the time to pack them away.

The two most important areas that should be spotless are your kitchen and your bathrooms. These rooms are the most heavily used. If your kitchen or bathrooms are less than clean, that will make a bad, lasting impression on the buyer and can erase any positive feeling he may have had about the commercial real estate.

Fix anything that is broken if you do not have to invest a lot of money into the fix. A broken light fixture, torn curtains, nail holes on the walls, etc. are little things that can discourage a potential buyer.

Staging Commercial Real Estate with Fragrances

Keep your commercial real estate smelling fresh by using home fragrances judiciously and sparingly. Do not over use them because a lot of people do not like heavy scents.

Finally, remember that small touch ups can make all the difference when it comes to staging commercial real estate. Add a new coat of paint to your dingy white baseboards, remove the cobwebs from the corners of your commercial real estate and make sure to dust everything on a daily basis. A clean commercial real estate is an inviting real estate, so even these small steps can go a long way toward making your commercial real estate feel properly staged for potential buyers.

These are the tricks in staging commercial real estate for sale that can maximize your profits. Start with these simple ideas, and you will see the difference.

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