How to Sell Your Commercial Real Estate Fast?


Need to sell your commercial estate fast? There are a number of things that you can do to make your commercial real estate more appealing to every buyer that walks through the door. It's not that hard, just take this one step at a time and get your commercial real estate sold quickly.

When buyers drive up to the front of your commercial real estate, they are hoping to see commercial real estate that is well taken care of and a yard that is landscaped and manicured. If the front of your commercial real estate does not look good, the buyers will immediately assume that the commercial real estate has not been maintained and that there will be hidden problems inside. Believe me, this is not the first impression you want to give to potential buyers. So step number one to sell your commercial real estate fast is to make sure that your front yard looks great!

Okay, your front yard looks great and the potential buyers have moved up to the porch and into the front door. When buyers enter your front door, you want your commercial real estate to look like a model commercial real estate. What does this mean? First off, there should be no odors emanating from your commercial real estate. With the possible exception of the scent of cookies baking, smells are really a distraction to buyers.

Things to do to Make Your Commercial Real Estate More Appealing to Buyers

When visitors look around your commercial real estate for the first time, they should see a clear and unobstructed view that is clutter free. Think of a luxury hotel that you have visited - there are not a lot of knickknacks or personalized items sitting around. Try to emulate that feel in your commercial real estate. Put away your personalized pictures and small mementos. Make your commercial real estate more generic so that it appeals to a much wider variety of people.

Is your furniture in good shape? Do your walls have a fresh coat of paint? If not, consider either replacing the furniture or covering it with a neutral slipcover of some kind. Fresh paint on your walls can make a huge difference to the perceived value of your commercial real estate. If you are repainting specifically to help you sell your commercial real estate, be sure you select a neutral color for the walls such as a light tan or beige color.

Is your flooring in great shape? Flooring is another big issue with many buyers. If buyers come into your commercial real estate and realize that they immediately have to replace the flooring, they may scratch your commercial real estate off of their list immediately. Flooring can be very expensive and flooring that needs to be replaced is a huge deterrent to buyers. In light of this, do whatever you can to make your flooring look better. Hire a professional to steam clean your carpets and so on.

Other things you can do to make your commercial real estate more appealing to buyers is to keep all of your personal possessions neatly tucked away. It is not okay to shove everything in your closet just so it is out of view. Remember that buyers are going to be opening every closet door and looking inside to determine how much storage capacity you have. If you have a great many things, it actually might be best for you to place everything that you do not absolutely need into a rented storage unit while your commercial real estate is on the market.

Sell Commercial Real Estate Fast

In today’s market, selling your commercial real estate can be quite challenging, especially if you require a quick sale. There are a variety of factors that need to be considered in how to sell your commercial real estate fast.

Typically, the most common problems that require selling commercial real estate today are the loss of a job, a job transfer, or significant health care bills. No matter what your specific reason for selling your property, there are basic steps that need to be followed to ensure you can sell it quickly, and for the correct price.

The biggest challenged individuals face when they need to sell their property fast is the sense of desperation they feel. Sometimes, a potential buyer can recognize this, so it is important to maintain a poker face when talking to them directly.

Selecting Commercial Real Estate Agent

Talking to commercial real estate agent is the easiest way to understand the starting point for selling the commercial real estate. They will be able to offer your variety of options that can help you sell your commercial real estate quickly. They will have the skills, tools, and availability to potential buyers.

Another consideration for using a realtor to sell the commercial real estate quickly is that they can help you find comparables in the neighborhood, or previous commercial real estate that sold for specific price. These comparables will have the same features and amenities as your commercial real estate, so that you can price the commercial real estate properly.

No matter what commercial real estate agent you choose, make sure he or she has the experience of using online tools and effective marketing strategies that go beyond traditional selling. Ask them to bring along the flyers of commercial real estate that have previously sold by them. This will ensure that they are proving that they have the ability to sell your commercial real estate, and so it quickly.

Staging Commercial Real Estate

Staging is another key component to selling your commercial real estate fast. This means removing any clutter out of the garage, the basement, the attic, or filled rooms. Cleaning out the closets is also a good idea.

Staging also requires rearranging the existing furniture, or changing it out with rented furniture to make the commercial real estate look more aesthetically appealing. The commercial real estate should be beautiful and neutral, so that any potential buyer can visualize their own furniture in the commercial real estate, or enjoy looking at the furniture that already is there.

Clean the entire commercial real estate inside and out. This means keep the landscaping fully groomed, by removing debris around plants and shrubs and keeping the lawn trimmed at all times. In addition, make sure that the kitchen and bathrooms are sparkly clean. This includes scrubbing the grout, and keeping the countertops looking good. If the shower curtain is in need of replacement, do it, to ensure that there is no negative aspect when potential buyers walk through the property.

Have the carpets and flooring professionally cleaned. Once the entire commercial real estate is clean, the landscaping is manicured, and the clutter has been removed, the realtor can hold an open commercial real estate. An open commercial real estate can offer you the ability to have a lot of potential buyers arrive at the same time. This ensures a quicker sale.

There are a number of ways you can help speed up the whole process, to ensure that you sell the commercial real estate quicker than what it would usually take.

  1. Gardens: If you have a garden then you really need to make sure it looks nice. If a garden is in the front of the commercial real estate, then first impressions will make a big impact on what the buyer thinks about the rest of the commercial real estate. So if you have rubbish everywhere, the people coming around to view the property may just walk away. It only takes one or two days to clean up a garden. If you hate gardening, or you are elderly or disabled, then employ a local company to do it. If viewers are impressed with the garden, then they will actually try and haggle the price down less than if it was messy.

  2. Inside: Make sure the inside of the commercial real estate is clean. That means no toys lying around the commercial real estate, no piles of magazines, or junk all over the place. If you do have a lot of clutter, then put it in boxes and store them in the garage, shed or attic. You are looking to move, so some early packing that also cleans the commercial real estate up will be doing you a big favor.

  3. Decorating: A smell of fresh paint and wallpaper always impresses potential buyers, so hire a carpet washer and do the floors. Then paint all the parts that are already painted, using white paint, and that includes the ceilings. This makes the place look clean and bright, and brightness tends to make areas look bigger than what they actually are. Make sure all the curtains and blinds are clean, as well as the windows. If wallpaper is dirty, worn or damaged then replace it, it doesn’t cost much.

  4. Upgrading: One thing that people do quite a bit of these days is upgrading the kitchen and bathroom suites prior to selling, especially if the ones installed are old or battered. All you need to do is install the cheapest suites that money can buy, just so that it looks good, and in a lot of cases it can actually add value to your commercial real estate.

Think of it this way, if you entered commercial real estate with tires in the garden, dirty walls inside, a smell of smoke and dogs, a 1960’s green bathroom, and then you go to another property with a lovely front lawn, fresh smells when you walk in, and a new kitchen. Which one would you be more likely to buy? It’s obvious isn’t it?

So do to your own real estate the way you would like to see commercial real estate that you are interested in.

If you follow these tips on how to sell your commercial real estate fast, your commercial real estate should sell very quickly and at top dollar. A little work ahead of time will make all the difference in having a smooth and easy commercial real estate transaction.

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